Saturday, February 11, 2012

Doctor's Orders.......

Hey Y'all,

This is what I have been up to for the last 24 hours.

Yup. That would be bourbon in my hot tea! On Tuesday I started to have a tickle in my throat. By Thursday I was running a fever and no longer had a voice. By Friday I had a hideous cough and I was miserable. I went to see my doctor after school on Friday. I had to go to school on Friday, because there were NO subs to be found. What I thought was allergies actually turned out to be a nasty virus. The doc put me on antibiotics, cough syrup and Flonase spray for my nose. He also told me besides adding honey to my tea to add some bourbon too! I have strict orders for no talking this weekend and bed rest. I only broke out of jail once today, I had some seriously overdue library books that had to go back. And, since Starbucks was so close, I had to have my iced caramel machiatto! The rest of the time I haven't moved off of my sofa. I've gone through two boxes of tissues and I have had at least 3 things of Gatorade.  I still feel like death on a cracker, but the meds are helping alot. I am so sore in my ribs and my back from coughing. Hopefully by tomorrow I will have turned the corner. :)

In between naps I am still trying to get my hats finished to send to Cure International for the Knit, Pray, Love baby hat campaign for Afghanistan. I have until Wednesday to finish up.

Well, let me run! I feel another nap coming on!

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