Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Feeling a Little Bit More Like a Human!

Hey Y'all!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day. I got some takeout from one of my favorite restaurants, had a lovely dinner and was in bed by 8. Hey. Not bad for someone who was feeling like death on a cracker just the day before! I got some very sweet prezzies from my students and it made my day. :)

I just love tulips. Especially on Valentine's Day. I am not a rose girl. NO WAY! Sunflowers and tulips. That's how I roll!

Also, I had to give the love of my life a present. May I introduce you to Pitty Pat's new BFF.... Hedgy the Hedgehog. I am not kidding folks. He LOVES this thing! Hedgy's feet and arms are ropes. AND... Hedgy's nose fits right into Pitty Pat's mouth. Hedgy goes everywhere with Pitty Pat now. :)

So, as you can tell, my antibiotic has kicked in so I am feeling much better. My voice is back and I can breathe and not cough every 5 minutes. YAY! I still haven't gone back to Zumba yet... I am waiting until this weekend. Trust me, if you felt as bad as I did, you wouldn't want to rush things either. And guess what? I have lost 7 pounds from Zumba! Oh YES!!!! Even my kids have started to notice. Zumba rocks! AND... I get to give HAL the Heart Monitor back on Saturday. HAL has been very quiet, so I think that we are going to determine that all of this heart stuff is caused by STRESS.

Also, today I mailed off my hats for Cure International's Knit, Pray, Love hat campaign. I said a prayer that the right babies get the hats that they need. You can't go wrong knitting for a baby. It is good and brings good to others too! Here are my finished hats. I could only send 4 because I was so sick. But I have started on some more, so next year I will be more than ready! :)

The blue hat on the left is from Susan B. Anderson's book, Itty Bitty Hats. The one's with the pom poms on the top are Susan's Chunky Mochi Baby hat pattern that she co-wrote with her daughter, TC. Chunky Mochi is a divine yarn to knit a baby hat with! The striped one is my own invention. I usually call it my "ice cream" hat, but I didn't embellish it this time. I made that one preemie size.

Lastly, I have several blogs that I love to read. Some are crafty blogs and some are teaching blog. One blog I enjoy reading is written by a fourth grade teacher. Farley has an awesome blog and does and "Currently" meme every month. Here's mine for February! I love reading other folks..... so I decided to do one this month too!

Well, I've got to scoot. I have been going to bed early these days. BUT... one of my medicines has steroids in it so I am up again at 4! Pitty Pat loves it. He thinks it's party time. With Hedgy.

:) JKP

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