Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Spring Break.... Ahhhhhh..Living the Life!

Hey Y'all!

Well. It is finally spring break! I have been busy having fun since last Thursday night! And, I have also been busy making home improvements AND crafting, of course! And. Pitty Pat just LOVES having me at home. :)

Last Thursday night, my friends from school and I went out to dinner and then on to see The Hunger Games. Let me first say, I did not and will not read the books. The movie was ok, but I won't be seeing anymore. :) I am just not a "fight to the death" kind of girl! I mainly went to have dinner with the girls and to hang out. Hmmm... but I promise, no jumping from bridges!

My mom came into town last Friday. I don't know where you are dear reader, but last Friday was a chilly, willy one here at the beach! We started the afternoon by going out out to lunch and then we HAD to make a trip to Lowes! I found a rug on clearance a few days before that I really liked and wanted to make sure it wasn't toooooo artsy for my house. Pitty Pat has been sliding all over our new floor, hence the need for a rug. That and he won't eat anywhere except on carpet. And only in this one spot of my living room. So. there you have it! Here's a quick shot of my new rug... AND Pitty Pat in motion!

On Saturday, we ran more errands and just took it easy. On Easter Sunday, we went to my church's fantastic service at The Market Common. This has been the first Easter in a long while where I have been a member of a church, so I made sure to get an Easter Lily in honor of my friend Joy. The service was awesome and I got to bring home my lily after the service.

Since I have lived in this house for almost 6 and 1/2 years, I have had wallpaper for my upstairs guest bathroom. Well, one thing or another happened and it never got put up. The one thing I really wanted Mom and I to do this weekend was to get that wallpaper border UP! It is really cute and it is made up of different flip flops. It goes with my shower curtain up there and it really ties the whole "look" together. So, Sunday night, we did a wee little home improvement project!

Yesterday, I decided to do another craft with flip flops! I have had material to make another no sew fleece blanket for a while, so I plunked myself on the floor and got busy! Pitty Pat plunked himself right down on the fabric and "helped" while chewing on a bone. The result... a precious blanket for us to cuddle on while we watch a movie!

I have also been knitting! I am working on a baby shower gift for my friend Marie. No, she is not having a baby, but she wants to give one of my hats as a gift! I am working on Susan B. Anderson's Upside Down Daisy hat. I am knitting this with cotton yarn since the baby is due in July.

Today, I went to the dentist and got my teeth cleaned. YAY for no cavities! I also worked in the yard for just a bit. Pitty Pat and the new dogs next door are NOT getting along through the fence. So I had to work my patio chairs into a barrier so Pitty Pat can do his business in peace. Really. It is supposed to be REALLY cooler tomorrow, so I am probably going to go shopping for my garden. I have gotten an idea off of Pinterest and I want to see if I can "make it work!"

Anyhoo...I am off for an afternoon nap! I hope you are all doing well! I can't believe that today is already Tuesday. Forget this spring break stuff... BRING ON SUMMER!!

:) JKP

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