Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Enjoying Summer

Hey Y'all!

I can NOT believe that it is July! I am in some serious denial. BOOOOO!

I have been very busy! I finally finished my class with a grade of 99/101. I am kind of bummed about the two points, but oh well. I missed two questions on my final... and let's just say it was VERY hard. After finishing my class, I was sick of the computer so except for facebook and twitter stalking, I haven't done much!

Here's some great news! My foot is feeling GREAT! The second shot has really helped. I still get sore at the end of the day, but nothing like I was feeling. I go for my third shot on Monday. Hopefully this will be the last one. I have also found some shoes that are lifesavers! Orthaheel shoes are made especially for folks who have Plantars Fasciitis! These shoes have a built in orthodic and the shoes are cute! I was quite devastated when my Podiatrist told me no more flip flops EVER. But with these shoes, I can have my cake and eat it too!

I also had to invest in a pair of slippers. I can no longer go barefoot. That is a baaaddd thing for my left foot. So I say, go big or go home... get cute slippers!

Orthaheel is currently having a sale on their website, so I stocked up on some more shoes for school. They should be arriving on my doorstep tomorrow! SQUEEEEE!!

In other news, poor Pitty Pat has been sick. About a week and a half ago, Pitty Pat lost his love for his food. And, nothing comes in between Pitty Pat and his food. After a week of struggling to get him to eat and noticing he was not feeling well, we ended up at the vet on Saturday. We were also visiting Mom in Beaufort, so Pitty Pat had to go to a new vet. Turns out, he ate something and it got stuck in his belly. Really stuck. Luckily the vet was able to get it out without surgery. Thank goodness! So after a doggie enema, a cortisone shot, an antibiotic shot and muscle releaxers we were sent home. He is feeling better every day. Last night, the old Pitty Pat was back!

My boy was not feeling well at all.

Thinking about feeling better.

Needless to say, I was a bit stressed out. This is my new "go to" saying these days!

So that is what has been going on here. BFF Marie is coming for a visit today, so I need to get off of the computer and straighten up! I'll leave you with one last picture. While I was in Beaufort visiting Mom, we headed down to the waterfront one night to get some ice cream. YUM.  They have swings set up along the waterfront so you can swing and take in the views. When I was little, we used to do this all the time. It was a nice walk down memory lane! And yes, the ice cream is Chocolate Chip Mint!

:0) JKP

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