Sunday, November 18, 2012

It's Almost That Time of Year....

Hey Y'all!

I have had a very busy weekend! I did some shopping, errands and a bunch of cleaning yesterday. I hit some consignment shops and found some cute things too! I will share those tomorrow! But mostly,  I have spent the weekend getting my house ready for the great Christmas Decorating of 2012 and fighting a nasty cold. The next week is going to be busy... AND just in case they Mayans are right... I wanted to get my decorations up so I could really enjoy them!

So at last count I put up three 4ft trees today and 4 mini trees in various rooms. I am not getting a "real" tree this year, so I decided to go ahead and decorate. I have to go to a wedding at the end of December and I didn't want to have to worry about leaving a live tree up in the house. This way I can enjoy my decorations for a LONG time! I am going to get a tiny live tree for my dining room table and a live wreath for the front door. That way I can still have the Christmas smell!

Check out our decorations this year....

I am really happy to have this tree up this year. The last time I put it up was two years ago. I thought that the tree was dead. It is a fiber optic tree and the fiber optic part stopped working. I finally had an epiphany that the Halogen lightbulb was probably the problem. One trip to Lowes later... and my favorite tree is BACK! I also got a new tree skirt this year... I have a thing for snowmen. Thanks Dollar General!

Our fireplace....

Our entertainment center.....

And, last, but not least... THE CUPCAKE TREE. I made this last year!

The other thing we have been battling this weekend is static cling. Poor Pitty Pat's tail is HUGE!!!!

Alrighty.. my battery is running low on juice and I am too lazy to go and get my charger! I will be back tomorrow with  my consignment finds!

:) JKP

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