Sunday, December 2, 2012

Girls Weekend Christmas Palooza- 2012 Edition!

Hey Y'all!

Wow. I have gotten behind on my Christmas Sock of the Day postings! Last Thursday was a pretty rough day and I was not feeling the Christmas Spirit at all. Then on Friday I kicked of Girls Weekend Christmas Palooza 2012! Y'all know I love to have company and entertain, so Friday was a busy, busy day!

We will start back with the Christmas Sock of the Day tomorrow. Ahem. I may have purchased a few more pairs this weekend. But I say, if it makes you happy and it doesn't hurt anyone else... GO FOR IT!

We started off our weekend with a yummy dinner at Logan's Roadhouse. I won a gift certificate for a free meal at our last faculty meeting and Friday was the last day I could use it. After dinner we hit a few shops and then closed down the mall!

Saturday we slept in a little and I made a yummy breakfast. I make Paula Deen's Gorilla Bread.. that is a must have on our weekends! This year I also ventured on to Pinterest and used a few recipes too! I made make ahead French Toast, which was DIVINE, and so easy to do! I also made a hash brown, egg, cheese and bacon "muffin" of sorts, except it wasn't a muffin! I will be back to post the recipes and links tomorrow.
Here's a shot of our yummy breakfast!

That got us off on the right start! We did a lot of shopping and got a lot accomplished. We ended up at one for my favorite places in Murrells Inlet for lunch- The Dead Dog Saloon! We spent the rest of the afternoon shopping and just enjoying hanging out!

This morning the girls were ready for breakfast leftovers and then they needed to hit the road. Sadly, we did not get the annual Julia and Pitty Pat Christmas Card photo taken. I am not sure about cards this year. If I do them, they may be New Year's cards... I am just not sure!

I have taken tomorrow off to rest.. I have been really tired again lately, and running around this weekend was fun.. but tiring! I plan to take it easy tomorrow and work on a few Christmas gifts. I even hit a consignment store or two! But I am really looking forward to just taking it easy!

Tonight I plan on watching a couple of Christmas movies and bonding with Pitty Pat and my knitting needles!

I hope wherever you are you are enjoying this evening! I'll check in tomorrow!
:) JKP

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marie said...

Loved this weekend! Get some rest tomorrow and don't forget to post the recipes! I really want to cook them!