Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year! Bring on 2013!

Hey Y'all!
Happy almost new year! I can honestly say, I am ready to say goodbye to 2012! This has been an interesting year. I hope that next year is so much better!

After I last blogged, I ended up in the CVS Minute Clinic with a double ear infection and a sinus infection! What a way to start off Christmas. The antibiotic made me feel better and it also helped my tummy too! I was able to enjoy Christmas Dinner. Which is why I am sitting here in my stretchy jammies typing this post!

I was able to get a few last minute presents knitted up before I hit the road for my holiday travels.

I worked on a sparkle cowl for a friend of Mom's. This friend has been like an aunt to me my whole life. We knew she would appreciate the sparkle! This was knit in the round on a size 13 needle with two yarns held together. I used Rozetti Cotton Gold in the 1096 color. The other yarn I used was Berroco Elements. This was a reddish color.

Another quick gift that I knitted up was called the Wasabi Cowl. I just love that name! It literally took one rerun of Castle and one episode of Rizzoli and Isles to knit up. The pattern is free and so easy. It also goes VERY fast. You use a very bulky yarn and a 19 needle. I used a 17 needle since I am such a loose knitter. The pattern calls for a fancy yarn, but I had some Loops Jubilee yarn in my stash and used it. The colorway is fire red. It turned out so cute and I ended up giving it to my mom for Christmas. It matches her pink coat!

I spent a few days after Christmas in Beaufort. We hit the movies and saw The Guilt Trip. It was very funny. Very rarely do I laugh all the way through a movie, but with this one I did.
Believe it or not, I had a packed knitting basket but I haven't touched it! I started reading a series of books by Dee Henderson and I can't put them down. I have read four books over this break. It has been so relaxing!

One thing we did get accomplished during my visit was a picture for my New Year's cards! I was a little late with Christmas ones this year, so I decided we would send out New Year's ones. It will be some happy cheer in the mailbox along with those Christmas bills! The shot below is one I used on the card. Pitty Pat and I both are smiling and he looks so cute!

Also, if you have seen the Mermaid special on the Animal Planet channel.. there is supposed to be a LIVE mermaid living on the Naval Base in Beaufort. So. Of course, Pitty Pat and I had to go on a mermaid hunt. We found one!

The Friday after Christmas I hit the road for Columbia. My best friend's son got married on the 29th. I enjoyed my time in Columbia and I even hit The Needler for their year end sale! I picked up several cute knitting patterns and some beautiful yarn. I have some more baby gifts to work on and I picked up the cutest hat pattern! I am sure I will be getting alot of use out of it!

The wedding on Saturday was beautiful. The reception was held at Saluda Shoals Park and we got to enjoy the lights as we drove in to the reception. We had a great time. Here's a shot of Toni, Marie and I from the reception. Marie looked so pretty!

 I was very sad my time in Columbia was so short, but also happy to get on the road to pick up Pitty Pat! I left Columbia yesterday morning at 9:30, met Mom in Charleston at 12 to get the Pitty Padster and got home to the beach about 2:30. I was so tired!

Today I spent the day getting groceries and running errands. One of my sweet students gave me a gift certificate to Abuelos, my favorite restaurant. I picked up lunch from there today and then enjoyed a two hour nap! I am not a big New Year's person. I hate to be out on the roads tonight, so I plan on watching the Clemson/LSU game, knitting and reading. I am so tired I may be asleep before midnight! My Christmas decorations are still up and y'all know how I love the lights. I just can't bear to take them down. I have a feeling that may have to wait until this coming weekend. I go back to work on Wednesday for a workday and then the kiddies come back on Thursday. Then we are back to the hustle and bustle.

Looking back, I only managed 57 blog posts this year and that makes me sad. I hope to be a better blogger next year. I just kind of felt like I didn't have a lot of good to share this year. Don't worry, I am not going anywhere! And. I received THREE Crockpot recipe books, calendars and recipes in a box this year. I am sure looking forward to cooking next year. In fact, I am cooking my Hoppin' John in the Crockpot tomorrow!

Happy New Year and thanks for sticking with me this year!
:) JKP

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