Monday, January 21, 2013

3 Hour Cowl... YAY For Knitting!

Hey Y'all!

For most of this morning I was glued to the Inauguration coverage. The pomp and circumstance was neat, but I kept thinking about how all of that money could have gone to such better use. I bet a lot of hungry and cold people could have been fed and kept warm with that expense. But. That is just my thought!  I mean, it is his SECOND Inauguration. They could have scaled back a bit. Anyhoo.

Today I finally finished the 3 Hour Cowl that I have been working on since Friday. My back felt much better today and I was able to finish the cowl quickly this afternoon. Today was our last sunny and warm day for a while, so I tried to make sure Pitty Pat and I went on as many walks as possible. That is why I didn't finish up until late this afternoon!

Here it is!

This was all of the yarn that I had left after binding off... YUP. I kind of cut it close! I used a ball of cotton yarn with 95 yards and I think I used at least 93 yards! I made a quick trip to the evil empire today to get another ball just to make sure I would have enough at the end. Turns out I did, by the hair of my chinny, chin, chin! :) Now I can make another. These colors just looked so pretty and springy together. Believe it or not, I have already casted on to make another on in another color way. These are just too cute!

Well, let me run. It is a school night AND tomorrow is my early morning duty day, so I need to get ready to go to sleep. I so enjoyed having a long weekend! I won't have another one until March, which is spring break. Oh my.

Have a great Tuesday everyone!
:) JKP

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