Monday, January 14, 2013

What's Up Buttercup?

Hey Y'all!

So. Are you settling into your January routine yet? I am, slowly but surely. We have had fantastic weather in the 70's and 80's here at the beach so that has helped with the January Blues quite a bit. This past weekend was so beautiful! After taking care of some school work, I happily sat out on my back patio with my Kindle and read to my heart's content. Lemonade by my side! And, flip flops on my feet. That makes everything better! :)

I have continued to work on a few New Year's additions. I feel like if I call them "additions" I will more than likely stick with them! I have started back with trying to fit in my 10,000 steps a day. I have shared this "addition" with my students and I have logged back onto America On the Move to track my progress. Since it is January, I have chosen to walk the Iditarod Trail. My students love for me to log on everyday and show them where I am on my trail. It also holds me accountable too! I have also been entering my data on Walker Tracker and that appears on the left side bar of the blog. So y'all can stay updated too! I have been doing really well. The weekends are hard but I am working on it. Today I am under the weather, so I have only gotten in 8,000 or so steps. I am really achy today and my tummy pain is bothering me. So. I am taking it easy and not pushing things tonight! Another "addition" I am working on is cutting out soft drinks. I have noticed a big difference in the way I feel. I am still drinking tea and coffee. I can't cut those out and teach! :) But I am adding more water and juice everyday. Lemonade is also becoming a favorite of mine!

A couple of weekends ago, instead of hitting the after Christmas sales, I hit my favorite consignment stores and found some really cute things. One of my best deals so far has been this sweater that I found. It is a Talbots sweater and it is BRAND NEW! The Talbots tags were still on! And. You know of my love of pink. Add the argyle and I am in heaven! I paid $8 for this $65 dollar sweater. YIPPEE!!!

I also picked up a few things for my Mom. Like me, she loves Correllware too. I happen to find some cute plates for her and a cute top too! I paid $2 for the set of four plates and $3 for her cute Van Huesen shirt.

This weekend I made a few quick stops and found some more cute tops. I love three quarter length tops because they are perfect to wear to school. Since I usually end up pushing up my sleeves anyway, three quarter length sleeves are the best for me!

One of the things that I was REALLY late with this year was Christmas Cards. I decided that a New Year's Card would work for this year, so I placed those in the mail last weekend. They turned out very cute. I used Snapfish and I was very pleased! I happened to end up with a half off coupon and free shipping. :)

Last but not least, I have picked up the knitting needles for a wee bit in 2013. I found this pattern that was so cute! Is it a purse?

NOOOOO! It's a Slipper! The name of this patter is Pocketbook Slippers. So cute! And, sorry if the yarn offends y'all. You know me and my BRIGHT colors! Actually, I am probably going to end up giving these away. I am a loose knitter and I used the size 7 needle called for in the pattern. These slippers turned out big for my feet, so I am going to pass them along and knit myself another pair with size 6 needles. Perfect fit! Also. This slipper is a little reminiscent of a Mary Jane. So. Of course I had to knit them! :)

That's about all that is going on here. I had some hope of a snow event next week in the long range forecast, but that has since changed. Hey. A girl can dream!

Have a fantastic night y'all!
:) JKP

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