Friday, August 14, 2009

Life in My House

Hey Y'all....

Here's what we have been up to!!!!!

This is Paddington playing with his toys. I have a constant "squeak, squeak, squeak" going on in my house these days! I think that is the way that Paddy talks to me. We have moved on to week two of our puppy kindergarten. Paddington is working on sitting, staying and laying down. So far with me going back to work this week we have had to work extra hard to get in his training. But, he is doing well!!!! I took the above video with a video camera that I got this week. It was $30 at Big Lots. I am not sure I like it, but it does an OK job for $30! It also beats the $150 ones that are on the market now. So we shall see if I keep it!

Anyhoo, this weekend I hope to do some reading and finish up some knitting. I also hope to make it to the beach at least once this weekend too. It has been SO rainy here that this afternoon is the first time the sun has been out in a while.

My classroom is basically finished! I had so much stuff to hang this year! I discovered these wonderful things called Stikki Clips. They are fantastic! They have a wax adhesive on the back to they really hold things up and don't take the paint off of the walls!!! They also make Stikki wax dots that work great as well! I wish that I would have had these years ago... it made putting up my classroom so much easier!

Well, Paddington is ready for his supper and then a walk. He finally got a bath today after three weeks. Since he had his "surgery" I had to make sure he was well before I could bathe him. Well, add all of this rain and three weeks with no bath, and I had one stinky boy. So, I don't know who was more soaked, but my boy is clean!

:) JKP

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