Sunday, August 30, 2009

Bringing Lazarus Back...

Hey Y'all...

Guess what??? I brought my laptop back to life!!! By last Wednesday I was dying without my home laptop. By the time I would get home from school... I lost any inclination to climb my stairs and get on the computer. Also, Paddington would whine everytime I went upstairs to surf the net... so I was OVER IT! So, me being me... I took my laptop apart. Literally. Then I took out the battery and re-inserted it. The laptop came back on, but it was apparent the only thing I could do was reimage it. I did a factory re-image and Ta Dah!! I am back in business! I still lost all of my files, but oh well. Backup. Backup. Backup. Next time.

Paddington graduated last Monday from Puppy Kindergarten! We have had a good week, except that I am exhausted. We lost several people this year due to budget cuts, so that means that we all pay for it with extra duties and one day without a special. My day is Tuesday. No break. I was ready to commit myself by the end of the day! Also this year, I don't sit down EVER. And. I have no time to go to the bathroom. At all.

It's going to be a LONG year folks. At least next weekend is a 3 day one!!
:) JKP

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