Saturday, August 22, 2009

Play Ball!!!!!!

Hi Everyone!

Sorry I am not blogging much, but I have WAY too much going on right now! Paddington graduates from obedience school on Monday! I have a video of us practicing our tricks.... BUT something MAJOR happened this week. My laptop that I use downstairs in my house literally fried itself. It won't even turn on! I lost a ton of videos, pictures and work. Oh well. I am so sad. So now, when I want to use the computer, I have to go upstairs. At least I still have 1 working computer at home, but I loved that laptop. I am going to save for a "netbook" I think. Those are the tiny notebooks that you have been seeing around. They are small, portable and wireless. So I think that I will save for one. I still need a computer downstairs so I can keep an eye on Paddington!!!

On the 19th I officially had Paddington for 2 months! He is still being puppy silly, but has done very well with his training. The training has helped him with his listening skills!! He has adjusted OK to me going back to work, but I have been able to come home some during lunch and visit with him. I get my 24 munchkins on Monday. These past few days have been hard for him because I have had to work late hours at school. He has done well, but we haven't been able to do our training as much as we should. If we can make it through the first week, I think we will be ok. The beginning of school just wears me out, so it is hard for him because he wants to play ALL of the time! He has gotten better about playing in the kitchen, so he doesn't require my attention ALL OF THE TIME! Although, he would if he could!

I just got home from school, I went in to make a few last minute changes for the first day. My class keeps growing! I have 24 right now. Some schools in the district have 27 in each class! That's just crowd control!

Well, I am going to leave you a video of Paddington and I playing ball.... He is just too cute!!
:) JKP

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