Saturday, February 20, 2010

Everybody Wants to Felt the World...

Hi Y'all!

Sorry for my cheesy title to this post, but I can't seem to get the song "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" from Tears for Fears out of my head! Also, it seemed to fit the felting that I have been doing!

Do y'all remember at Christmas when I was talking about the French Press Felted Slipper Pattern? Well, I knitted the slippers up (they were a snap) and then they languished for about a month on my kitchen table. I went on Ravelry to see what the best process was for seaming these up and EVERYONE had a different opinion. So, I never sewed the slippers together, because I was afraid I would do it wrong and get holes like some folks were reporting. Also, I am not the best seamer in the world. So last weekend, I was all hopped up on chocolate (thanks to my kiddies at school) and I decided what the heck, I will just do the best I can. Y'all, chocolate is just great for those endorphins! Well look at the before and after shots!
This is just before felting. I made these for my Mom, so I made the size small.
After felting! These turned out perfect. I just seamed them with a mattress stitch and it worked. I did not have any holes during felting and they turned out great!!!

Once they dry, I can sew the tab on them and then apply some puffy paint on the bottoms to prevent skidding. Yes, I know I have grocery bags stuffed in them. That's how I roll! Also, it will help the slippers keep their shape while they dry. This is a fantastic pattern and really knits up quickly. Don't be afraid by all of the comments about seaming. Just do it your own way and they will come out fine!

Whoo, wee! I am so excited! I can't wait until they dry!

This was defiantly one of the most fun patterns I have ever done!

Ok, I am off to walk the furry baby!
:) JKP

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French Press Knits said...

They look great! I love the color, what kind of yarn is it? Thanks for the vote of confidence on the seaming- I think it's scares people off, but it is not bad once you give it a try :)