Monday, December 20, 2010

Feeling Crafty My Friend?

Hey Y'all!

Well, as you can tell I am on vacation... because I can blog! Here is a very cute idea that popped up on my Twitter feed yesterday. If you are into making your own ornaments, this is just precious! I wish I would have found this BEFORE school got out because I have all of the supplies needed to make this in my classroom! I am sure this would have been an interesting hit at the Thomy Ornament Exchange on Christmas Eve!

To find the instructions to make this cute little Winter Wonderland, visit Disney Family Fun! The materials are pretty basic and this will only take an hour or two to make.

Speaking of the Thomy Ornament Exchange, I have to brave the cold today to go out and find my ornament. I have some ideas... and if Kohl's has any ornaments left, I may be in business! I have a few other errands to run then it is home to hang with Pitty Pat. At our family get together on Saturday, my Mom threw some very nice yarn at me and asked me to try knitting something up for my Grandmother for Christmas. We will see how it goes today after a long winter's nap! I'll try and post some progress tomorrow! I can only knit laying down... so let's hope that has improved!

:) JKP

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