Thursday, December 9, 2010

Merry Elves!

Hey Y'all!

Well, if you are on the Christmas Card list, there is no doubt that you have received this little beauty in your mailbox by now!

This past weekend was my Girls Weekend Christmas Palooza Winterfest 2010 with my girls from Lexington. Our main objectives were to shop, of course, AND take the 2010 Christmas Card picture! Toni and Marie had the bright idea that both Pitty Pat and I pose in PJ's. I think that this year's card is a classic! Pitty Pat on the other hand, was NOT amused!

I have been really busy since my last post! I got the house all decorated and cleaned (with Mom's help) so the girls could come last weekend. I have been feeling ok, just really tired. We have also been having this brutally cold weather (ok, brutal for the south) and that has really taken a toll on me as well. I am still recovering from the last bout of vertigo, but as long as I drink my fluids and get plenty of rest I seem to do ok. Yesterday I went to Charleston to meet with an Neuro-opthamologist. She checked out my eyes and gave me some good news, what ever this is, it is not a pseudotumor. She said my vision looks good and that all I need are some "cutesy" reading glasses, which I already have! I am being referred to the head of ENT at MUSC for some vestibular testing. They seem to think that this vertigo may be Meniere's Disease. I have had this diagnosis thrown at me before, but now my symptoms really seem to be more Meniere's. My vertigo is so disabling and disruptive to my life that they are considered "drop" spells. Where I literally can't function until the episode is over. My episodes last about 2 or 3 days and then it takes weeks for my equilibrium to come back. All I know is, I am ready for this to STOP! I still can't knit very much, looking down seems to really make me dizzy.

Since I really can't do a lot of exercising right now, my best friend Marie told me about this awesome thing she is doing with her school in Lexington! They are all wearing pedometers and you have to walk your 10,000 steps a day. Well, this I can do! So during our Saturday outing, I bought myself a pedometer. Well, on Saturday the girls and I logged over 16,000 steps! During a regular school day, with out counting walks with Pitty Pat, I log over 11,000 steps! If you vist this website, America on the Move, you can log your daily steps and choose a trail to walk! So far I have walked 63,161 steps since Saturday which is equal to 31 miles! I have chosen to walk the Pacific Crest Trail, because it goes all the way up the west coast. Today, my stop was the San Andreas Fault. I can't wait until I reach Lake Tahoe!

Well, that's about it for now. I am hoping that it warms up over the next few days. Thank goodness for my electric fireplace, it has really come in handy on these chilly willy nights!
:) JKP

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