Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Currently, Heart Update, and Chillaxin'

Hey Y'all!

Whew. It took me a few days to recover from Girls Weekend Spring Palooza! That and the fact that I am having to give up ALL caffeine, (which is kicking me in the BOO-TAY) I am plum tuckered. :)

So. Let me bring y'all up to date! :)

I went to the doc last Friday. They had the results from HAL the Heart Monitor. He did record some "events" but they think these heart palps are tied to an anemia disorder that I was born with. And, I have a really fast heart rate. Because I stay so anemic (and there's really nothing they can do) my heart beats fast to keep up with my low blood supply. So when I get stressed, upset, worried, or work out a lot, it makes my heart work really hard, resulting in my heart palps. The doc told me I needed to cut all caffeine (yup. That's just terrible. I am still having 1 cup of coffee until school gets out. I won't make it if  I don't!) I have to cut back on Zumba. I need to meditate. Do some yoga. And. I have to take it easy and rest when I feel tired. I go back right after school gets out to get more bloodwork done and see where we stand. If these changes don't help, they want to put me on a beta blocker to slow down my heart rate. I think I will pass on that one and make these changes! So. There ya go. I had a rough night Friday night, but I spent the day running around to get ready for the girls. Last night I also had some, but luckily they ended around midnight. So. I guess we will see. But, the heart palps are still a pain!

Also, I have found something that I just love! Hello Hulu Plus! I have signed up for a free trial so I can catch up on my new favorite show.. Once Upon a Time. So, now when I am up and can't sleep because of my heart palps.. I can catch up on a show! Seriously, if you haven't watched Once Upon a Time, you must. It is a great blend of reality and fantasy. :)

Lastly, Miss Farley put up this month's Currently the other day. Here's mine! You can click on it to make it bigger!

The last three words have to start with the first initial of your last name. :) The first word has to be something your students would use to describe you, the second one a word the folks you work with would use and the last one is a word that your family would use to describe you. :)

I am off to watch some Hulu!
:) JKP

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