Thursday, March 29, 2012

We Have an APB Out on JKP.....

Hey Y'all!

Don't faint. I know. I have neglected the ol' blog lately. But life has been really busy and I wasn't sure if y'all really wanted updates on all that is going on, especially on a daily basis! If you follow my twitter feed, then you pretty much know what is going on with me! But here's an update! And. Sorry if it is in list form. That is how my teacher brain works!

1. We are so close to spring break I can't stand it. I am taking a personal day tomorrow (see below for the why) so I have four more school days to go. I need some beach time, a trashy novel and my flip flops. Balm for my soul!

2. I have been knitting on a sock since the end of February. This thing just about killed me. And. I might have thrown it across the room a few nights ago. But. I have turned the heel, and picked up the gusset. We are almost in the home stretch!

I have also been knitting up some rabbit hats for folks at school. These have been a big hit. They are easy to make and are great for a boy or girl! The baby bunny hat pattern is a free one on Ravelry.

3. I am refinancing my house. Good Lord. We are supposed to close tomorrow, hence the personal day. Today was very stressful. I was trying to teach my babies, and make sure all of my documents were faxed in and signed. If all goes well tomorrow, my payment will be a lot less. Which is a good thing!

4. Pitty Pat got his annual summer shave. I say summer because today it was 88 degrees here in Myrtle Beach!


After every haircut, Pitty Pat has a personality change! :)

5. I put in new floors in my living room! Holla! No more carpet! Pitty Pat has figured out how to play golf now. I came home the other day and all of his toys were lined up along the sliding glass door. He takes one of his toys and "bats" the other toys across the room!

We likey the new floors. I need to discuss decorating with Pitty Pat though!

6. I went on a field trip this week where I may have touched a snake and a baby alligator. I KNOW!

All I have to say is my kiddies made me do it!!!!!!!!

So, as you can see, life has been busy this March. I am hoping to enjoy Spring Break and catch my breath a little. I am still going to Zumba, just not quite as often. I am, however, LOVING that it is lighter longer. Pitty Pat and I are getting in our 3 walks a day!

Alrighty, the dinner bell is ringing. Tootles!
:) JKP

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