Saturday, March 31, 2012

Closed!!! :)

Hey  Y'all!

Well, yesterday the closing went off without a hitch. I signed my name several, several, several times and now my house is mine... AGAIN! :)

Before I went to the closing I popped into TJ Maxx to see what they had. I came across this adorable coffee cup that needed to be mine! I think it speaks for itself!

I have several boards pinned on pinterest that have the "Keep Calm" slogan with many different sayings! I just think it is a hoot.  This was the only mug that they had, so for $2.99 I snapped it up!

Well, today looks to be rainy and soggy. I need to switch out my closet for my spring clothes, knit on a few things and clean house. I also have to venture out and run a few errands.  Hopefully tomorrow it will be sunny and I can go and hang out on the beach after church!

:) JKP

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