Monday, January 19, 2009

I'm Still Hacking and I'm Still Wondering If I Have Both of My Lungs...

Hey Y'all...

I am still here. I am just really sick. This sickness that I thought was getting better, came back with a vengeance around Thursday. Thank goodness Friday was a half day for kiddies. I finished up my work at school, came home and got in the bed. That is where I have been since! I have made little forays to the grocery store and out to Sephora with Mom (she was having a makeup crisis of sorts) and today I got checked by the Doc. More antibiotics and more cough syrup with the good stuff that actually lets me sleep! I am hoping that I will be on the mend by tomorrow... but who knows. Tomorrow is a staff development day for teachers. They are calling for some winter weather here in these parts tomorrow... but we are still going to school. I would love one more day to try and sleep this thing off.. but I think tomorrow I will be inservicing all day. You would think that they would want teachers to watch the inauguration tomorrow.. but we will be sitting in a workshop. I guess I can watch the highlights on You Tube.

I just wanted to check in and let y'all know I am still around.... just trying to get over this Horry County creeping crud! I hope y'all enjoy the snow tomorrow! I'll be out driving in it and going to work!
:) JKP

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