Monday, January 12, 2009

Pardon Me, I Must Hack Up a Lung....

Hey Y'all!

Sorry for the long absence... but I have been nursing a serious sickness since last Sunday. I started to really feel bad Sunday night, and then on Monday the dreaded cough set in. I am sure you know the one and have heard it all around you by now. The one where you fear the person has some communicable disease from a third world country. Where you just know, any second, the sick person is going to cough up a lung. The good part is, then you loose your voice so you no longer have to apologize for sounding like you have the plague. I started to scare my students by Thursday, so I took Friday off and slept the whole weekend. By yesterday, I started to feel human again. Today I went to school and made it through the day, although, I am about to fall into bed, I am soooo tired. I had 3 kids out with what I had today, so I hope they heal faster than I did!

I also spent the weekend working on my Teacher of the Year packet. I love to write folks, but 14 pages about myself is about to do me in!!! I have two more sections to go and then I am done. I wish the writing fairies would come and finish it for me! I guess I should really check my writing though.. I have been on some pretty powerful cough syrup. So, I may think I wrote like a genius.. but really didn't!

This week the kids are dismissed at 12 on Friday (I see a margarita in my future.. My Teacher of the Year packet will be turned in by then!) We have a long weekend with no school Monday for the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday. Then on Tuesday, no school for the kiddies and an in service day for us. So next week will be a short one as well.

Hopefully I will still have both lungs by then and have not contracted any other illness!!
:) JKP

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