Sunday, January 25, 2009

Thou Hath Returned to the Land of the Living.....

Hey Y'all,
Sorry for the long vacay from posting.... but as I said in my last entry... I have been knocking on death's door. Ugg. But now, I am feeling a whole lot better! To prove it to you, my faithful readers... here is what greeted me this week at school! See, I am alive and doing well!
During my recovery from this hideous, hideous sickness, I mainly just rested and watched some really bad TV. Now, I know why I work. Daytime TV is scary! I also read a few books AND... get this.. I am one sleeve away from finishing my Bernat Baby Kimono! Yes, um, you know the one that I started during Tropical Storm Hannah. It's looking like that is going to be my first FO for 2009! I have been trying to get some knitting in everyday. That has been easier since I have gotten on the ball and have my lessons planned out for the next few weeks AND finished my TOY packet for the district office. I am also getting ready to take a class at the Knit N' Purl starting in February and I am so excited! It's a sock class! My one and only New Year's Resolution was to learn how to knit socks. So, last weekend I went and signed up for a 4 week class. Yippee! I can't wait to get started! While I was there, I also spied some neat patterns that I can't wait to get my hands on for gifts! Once I finish the kimono, I have one more baby sweater to finish up. I have retired Mom's Sunday Market Shawl... it wasn't looking so great (my stitch count went wonky) and I found something else that I think she is going to like better.
Zorro and Zoe are doing great. We have switched Zorro's meds around and now he feels like Superman. He barks at me when he wants to be fed and when he wants his medicine. He has also gone back to digging me out of bed this week since I was too sick to get up. Good Doggie!
That's about all that is going on here. Don't forget... The Closer comes on tomorrow night! I am so happy that in the midst of our crumbling economy we will have some Brenda Lee Johnson to cheer us up!

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