Sunday, January 4, 2009

O Customer Service, Customer Service Wherefore Art Thou?

Hey Y'all!

Hmmm... well as you can see from the title this little entry is going to be me standing on a soapbox for a minute or two! You know, I have noticed a downturn of politeness and manners in this country for some time. Some may argue that since our society is more technologically advanced these days... our young and not so young are no longer practicing the fine art of manners and politeness. Y'all, it is not hard! I teach my students to say "please" and "thank you." I have also taught them the art of writing thank you notes. But, I can only do so much! What ever happened to being kind to one another? We are so downright pushy and rude these days. Thank God I am a Southerner, or else I might have had to write this entry sooner!

Today I ventured out for just a little bit. My Philosophy makeup is running low and I have considered switching to another brand. Not because I am unhappy, I am just curious and wanted to see if another brand had more coverage for these dark circles that I can never seem to get rid of, baring Spackle every day! I first stopped at Ulta. No, I am not going to link to them. I am going on a tirade! When I first entered the store about 4 sales folk were just standing around. None of them greeted me, NADA. I browsed around the makeup section for about 15 minutes... and no one, no one offered to help me. Folks, it was 12:30 on a Sunday afternoon. The store was empty. Tumbleweed empty! I finally asked a little sales girl for some help and she told me she would find someone after rolling her eyes. Ok, at this point, I was like, I am so going to Sephora. But, the little girl could have been having a bad day, so I hung in there. After TEN more minutes of waiting, the supposed helper comes over. I start asking her questions and she really doesn't want to answer them. She doesn't even offer to let me try on the product I am asking about. Ok, ULTA lost a big sale from me today!

So, I leave this rude store and go to Sephora. I have a long and deep love for Sephora. It goes back to my early Philosophy days and my traveling days. I love visiting Sephora, but it is always very busy and sometimes it's hard to get personalized help. So, I stroll into Sephora. I am greeted right off the bat. I start looking around and low and behold, the sales lady asks me would I like to try anything.... OF COURSE! Y'all, she sets me up with everything. First she compared how my Philosophy looked on me and then we tried the products that I was considering. Y'all. She did everything! She even introduced me to a fantastic concealer that can hide even my dark circles! The cool thing is... she told me not to buy anything today (OK, here's a tip, I wasn't going to, this was a research trip) AND she gave me samples of EVERYTHING!! She told me to compare the different brands for a few days and then make a decision. How freakin' awesome is that! I still haven't made a decision and it by the looks of it, I won't have to for a few more weeks. But I can tell you this, for any beauty product or advice you need, run to Sephora!!!
And yes, I did send an email to Ulta's headquarters letting them know what a stellar job the Myrtle Beach store did at running off this customer. I am envisioning a Julia Robert's moment one of these days when I walk in and say "You, You work on commission don't you? Big Mistake. Huge. " And of course, I will be looking totally awesome in my makeup from SEPHORA! Hee!

:) JKP

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