Sunday, March 22, 2009

El Calcetine!

Hey Y'all!

Well, here it is! My first finished sock!!!! It was definitely fun to make, and I have already casted on for my second one. I just couldn't wait to for it's brother or sister to be finished before I showed it off!

In other news, we have a baby shower for one of our 100 teachers that is preggers tomorrow! No, we really don't have 100 folks preggers, but y'all, somedays, it feels that way! Here is the Bamboo Kimono with matching booties ready to be gifted. I tried to find some sports buttons, since the father to be coaches soccer and baseball... but I had to settle for the ABC's. Well, at least both parents are teachers and it fits the theme!

Lets' see... what else have I been up to? Today I attended a knitting retreat and had a great time! I had a yummy lunch (which my stomach is currently NOT liking at the moment) and met some great new folks. I had to come home and take a two hour nap today! I am not sleeping well at night, because I keep waking up to check on Mr. Zorro. Zorro has taken to sleeping on the sofa at night now. I think he likes this option because he can use the doggie door whenever he wants and he doesn't have to wake me up. I just worry about him and check on him through the night. Tonight however, I think it is back in the bed with me. I am exhausted!

Things are still pretty chilly in these parts. Our high for tomorrow is supposed to be 70. Then, we are right back into the 50's. I just hope it warms up and stays warm for Spring Break in about a week in a half.

Ohhh... exciting news! My Boys is back on TV as of the 31st of March! Yippee! I have also gotten hooked on a new show. It is generally my rule of thumb, NOT to get hooked on a new show that happens to premiere during March. Because, more than likely, it won't make it and won't be picked up. So you invest all of this time remembering when the show comes on, etc. Then it's all for nothing. Well, check out the show Castle on ABC. It is really good! It's about a mystery writer who has writer's block, so he annoys/follows around a detective to get story ideas. It is a really good show, and you can't guess the ending. So, it gets an A in my book for entertaining. I have to DVR it most weeks, it comes on at 10 on Mondays, but they do replay it at 10 on Saturday so you can catch it then.

Well, that's about it folks. I am going to go and spoil my furry boy a little bit! Have a great night!

:) JKP

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