Monday, March 2, 2009

Mama's Got a New Recipie......

Hey Y'all!

Happy second day of March! Well, with Zorro's diagnosis of sorts last week, the vet thought it would be a good idea if we changed his food to a restricted protien diet. He offered up some Science Diet k/d, but it is dry food and I knew that Zorro wouldn't touch it. Enter in recipies for homemade doggie diets! I started making this last week for Zorro and the boy is attacking his food! I made another batch tonight and he stood in the kitchen the whole time watching me cook this up. Too cute!

To make a restricted protien diet for your dog you will need the following ingredients....

1/4 ground beef (do not use lean round chuck)
2 cups cooked rice
1 hard boiled egg finely chopped
3 slices white bread, crumbled (I cube mine)
1 tsp of calcium carbonate (bascially take 1 extra strength Tums and crush it into a powder.)

Cook your rice (yes, I use the bag kind. I hate to ruin pots and I just can't seem to cook rice in the pot without burning it to pieces. Ugg.) Brown your meat, slice your bread and hard boil and chop the egg. Then combine.

(At this point I add the crushed Tums and stir it in.)

Viola! You have just made doggie food! I scoop about a cup into Ziploc baggies. For me, this recipie makes enough for 3 and 1/2 days of feedings. Zorro eats twice a day, so it makes about 7 meals. I put three in the fridge and the rest in the freezer. It's also more econmical.. I paid about $4 for the meat and less than $4 for the other ingredients. I always have bread, eggs and rice, so it's not a big deal. He seems to like it!

In other news... I have a new cell phone! I decided to go with the Samsung Propel. I text alot, so the sliding keyboard is just awesome. My other phone was so old that they don't even make the sim card anymore. Yup. I got a great deal on my phone and I am really happy.

That's about it for here today. I've got to go knit on my sock, I haven't finished my homework for tomorrow night. My stomach is giving me a fit (stress anyone?) so I've been taking some more meds for that. It's back to the hurting thing that it was doing a while ago. I've lost my appetite and my stomach hurts all of the time. I am just hoping that this is a reaction to all of the stress I have been under. :)
Later Gators!
:) JKP

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