Sunday, September 6, 2009

Feed a Cold, Starve a Fever

Hey Y'all....

Well here I am day 2 into this cold, and things haven't changed much. I am still feeling pretty cruddy and snotty. Paddington has been a champ and has licked me every chance he has had. I think he knows I don't feel great since I am sleeping so much. The Nyquil has helped, but I think this thing just has to run its course. I did step out for a few minutes today to stock up on some juice and other fluids. I am trying to drink a lot of fluids and just sleep. I have also been eating lots of warm soup. That feels good on the throat. However, I have had to eat at the table on not on my normal spot, the sofa. Paddington has figured out over the weekend how to drink from a cup and eat from a bowl. My boy sure is determined! I think he also knows that I am on a bit of a delay, so he is trying to get away with more!

Today has been a good day to hang around the house. It has been rainy and cloudy. They say that we have a low pressure something or other forming off of the coast of Myrtle Beach, but I have slept through the updates today. I also noticed a few minutes ago while I was cruising the National Hurricane site that they think that Mr. Fred, our next storm, is currently forming off of the coast of Africa. I am sure that he will follow the ways of his former buddies and fall apart or curve off to the north. :)

Ok, the couch is beckoning again. Wow. Two posts in two days. I just impressed myself!
:) JKP

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