Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Feet, Runny Nose

Hey Y'all,

Day 3 of the cold. Still not pretty. I still can't breathe and my throat still hurts. Goody. And tomorrow is my day without a special. I will have my kiddies all day long. Lord help me.

Paddington and I are hanging out today. I went to Hot Stacks this morning for some yummy pancakes. Since I've been eating soup for 3 days, I felt like I needed something else to eat! The pancakes were great and hit the spot. Hot Stacks was busy, but I didn't have to wait. There are definitely touristas here at the beach for the long weekend, but they were heading out by the time I wanted my pancakes!

Also, I have discovered something great! Y'all, I have the worst feet in the world. Part of my problem is that I am a chronic flip flop wearer. This makes my feet dry and scaly. My feet have been so bad in the past, that when I went in for a pedicure, one look and they would cringe. The folks would actually talk about me while I was having my pedicure! So, I stopped going in for pedicures and figured that I would have to live with my feet. Besides, I love my flip flops! I have tried lotions, potions and soaks. I even invested in a Ped Egg, but to no avail. A few weekends ago, I was visiting my local Sally Beauty Supply , when I came across something fantastic!

Y'all, this Feels Like New Foot Softner is the bomb. There is no other way to put it! I put it on my feet before I go to bed and I cover my feet with socks. When I wake up in the morning, I have feet that are as soft as a baby's behind!!!!! All it took was 1 week! I have never in my life had feet like this!!! I don't even need to pay for a pedicure, because my feet are even better than when you get a pedicure!!!! Also, it has helped my hands too! Since I am chronically washing them due to the H1N1 threat... they are now able to recover! You must try this if you have dry feet. It will change your feet!!! However, I do have one buyer beware. If you have a dog, just know that they will take your socks and hide them. Paddington loves this as much as I do. He loves to just sniff my socks! :)

Alrighty, I am feeling fuzzy again. Time for a nap!

:) JKP

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