Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Life is Made Up of Marble and Mud

Hey Y'all,

I have to give some credit to Mr. Nathaniel Hawthorne for my title day. And, boy
I am still fighting the cold, but I am on the tail end of it. Tuesday was rough, but my kids were great. Today I have acquired a stomach thingie... but I am just hoping that it is something that I ate and not something else! I have to be so careful whenever I eat at school. Sometimes they put things in the food to keep it fresh, and that can make me really sick. I ate a school salad today because in the hoopla of getting Mr. P walked and played with this morning, I forgot my lunch. Imagine that.

I have several kids out right now with various fevers and sicknesses. We have never had kids this sick, this early which makes my conspiracy mind kind of do some thinking. Oh well.

Yesterday was, let's just say stressful. Awful. Terrible. Not with my kids, but with surrounding forces. If I could just hang with my kids and teach them, that would be terrific! It's all of the other stuff that is just insane. Have y'all noticed how stressful things are lately?Last year I blamed it on the whole recession/money thing. But this year things are different. It is like the gods above have granted folks the right to lose their minds. Folks saying terrible things to one another. Folks having to work extra hard due to budget cuts, etc. And finally, everyone is just overall grumpy. I don't know what it is..... I guess the fear of sickness scares folks. I guess this health care thing has folks up in arms too. My beliefs about health care are this... if you have a job, you have coverage. You get a check from the government because you don't have a job, you don't have coverage. You had a job and you lost it, but of no fault of your own, you get coverage for up to a year. Then you get a job. Simple. And I bet I just saved the government millions. I am a little testy about the not having a job because you don't want one part. I know folks who are living high off the hog from the government and they just got back from their 3rd cruise this year. Life is not fair, but then again, we all know that.

So anyway, I am just going to keep on walking Mr. Paddington, keep doing my part and maybe knit a little more these days. Because y'all, people are just crazy.

:) JKP

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