Saturday, September 19, 2009

Tres Meses (3 Months)

Hey Y'all,

Sorry if I have been blogging irregularly. But I have a lot going on, and sometimes, I think that you really don't want to hear about the mundane stressful details of my life. You have your own stressful life, and I imagine that you visit blogs as a form of escapism. You don't want to hear the same problems from me! :)

I have actually been having some fun, which is not like me these days! Last Saturday, I went to a Coastal Carolina University Football game! It was really weird, because the field that they play on used to be the field that my high school played on, so it was de ja vu at moments. I also went with an old friend from high school that happens to work at Coastal, so it was just like old times. It really made me miss Columbia and the USC games! But it was a great way to spend a fall night.

On a lighter note, I have had Mr. Paddington for 3 months today! I brought him home June 19th! This week was one of those weeks where I really thought "What have I done getting a puppy!" We have had a few tough weeks. My mom went out of town the week of Labor Day and Paddington had to stay in his crate all day long while I was at school. He did great and didn't wet his crate once. Well, he more than made up for that this week! My mom's office has installed a new way of doing their records in their office and she has been unable to get away for lunch to let him out. Top that with me being stuck and stressed at school and not able to get home until 4:30 or 5. Uggh. He really acted out this week. He wet his crate several times, wet all OVER my house and was biting and chewing everything!!! On Thursday, I really had to think if I was the best living situation for Paddington, because he was obviously NOT happy. Friday was better and today he was back to his sweet self. He also went to the groomer for the first time today! I'll let him show off how pretty he looks!

So, I think we were really having some growing pains. He does have days that he acts like an alien has taken over his body. But, luckily they are few between. I just hope they become fewer and fewer! He does have about 4 upper teeth coming in, so I think he just really felt bad on Thursday.
I haven't had time to knit lately between Paddington and school. I do have a list of things I WANT to knit, but it is hard with the banshee running around. He has his moments where he will snuggle with me on the sofa, but they only last for about 4 minutes at a time.
Anyhoo, I will try and do better at posting. At least I gave you a cute video today!
:) JKP

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