Monday, May 24, 2010

Myrtle Beach Has It's Own Washcloth... Thanks Lion Brand!

Hey Y'all,

Well today I took a much needed Mental Health Day. I am worn out. Put a fork in me. I knew if I was going to make it in one piece through the next 8 days of school and move my classroom (more on that in a bit!) I was going to need a day to chillax. And that is what I did today! Thanks to our little coastal storm friend out the in Atlantic, Myrtle Beach has entered into a monsoon season. Yesterday I was on the beach for about an hour before the dark clouds and lightening chased me indoors. Today we had some more showers, which prompted a great nap time for me and Pitty Pat. So, today was a great relaxing day!

I love to cruise the Internets looking for new knitting patterns when I have some free time. I love to go to the Lion Brand website because it is a great resource and they are always adding new patterns to their library. I am on a dishcloth kick right now, because I am making something really cool to put in my ETSY store with them. Well, lo and behold, today I am looking through dishcloth patterns on Lion Brand and I discover that they have some new patterns dedicated to beaches in the USA! And, believe it or not, Myrtle Beach has one! The Myrtle Beach Wash Cloth is quite cute, if I say so myself! I guess because I live here, I don't think of Myrtle Beach as a vacation spot, but I guess the folks at Lion Brand know what they are doing!
Also, here's some big news! I haven't announced it on the blog yet, because my principal hasn't made the announcement at school yet, but it's the secret everyone knows about, so it's not really a secret any more! I also went to a training last week, so I think it is pretty safe to announce that........ I AM MOVING TO SECOND GRADE next year!!! I am thrilled! I have known for a couple of months, but was under a gag order not to say anything. I am very excited and looking forward to working with the little ones again. I have enjoyed third grade, but if you know me, then you know 2nd grade is the perfect fit for me! So I will kick off year 14 of the teaching career this fall in second grade! Yippeee!!!! Imagine Pitty Pat and I doing the happy dance here!

Well, let me run, it is Pitty Pat's dinner time and then we have to get in our big walk.
:) JKP

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