Sunday, May 2, 2010

Is it Summer Vacation Yet?

Hey Y'all,

Well, we are on the end of the year countdown. I have 24 days of school left. Whew. Usually, by this time I am frantic about state testing. And I am a wee bit stressed. But not as stressed as I usually am. I have 6 days to review my kiddies and then it is over. However, I have a strange calm surrounding me this year. Some of my kids will do a great job and some won't. It has been like that all year long. It is what it is. I can't get upset about it any more. That's not to say I won't throw up during testing days, but I am trying to be Zen about the whole thing. Also, there's a very big chance that I won't have to go through this next year. I can't say anything more yet, but let's just say I have confirmation that next year is going to be a little less stressful and a lot more enjoyable from a teaching stand point!

I think Mr. Pitty Pat is ready for summer vacation too! Paddington has a funny habit of putting his toys in places where I am bound to find them. On my pillow as I go to sleep. In my shoe that I am about to wear. I got to school this week and had to reach in my purse for my school ID.  Look what I found.

Yes. That is his tennis ball in my purse. Pitty Pat is VERY long and loves to stand on his hind legs. He must have had his tennis ball in his mouth and put it in my purse. Yup. I think he wants summer to hurry up too!

Yesterday, I had a ton of errands to run. While I was at Tar-Jay I came across a toy that has two tennis balls on the end and squeaks. Y'all. That meets all of the requirements for a toy for Pitty Pat. So I bought it. I don't think it has left the boy's mouth all weekend.

Notice, he has already chewed off part of it! But it still squeaks!

Yes. It is his favorite toy. Paddington also likes to squeak his new toy and then squeak his other toys to compare them. Yup. My Pomeranian is smarter than your honor student!

We have quite a busy week coming up. My mom officially moves to Beaufort on Friday to start her new job next Monday. I have a ton of review to do with my kiddies.

On the knitting front, things have stalled! My teacher friend is due THIS WEEK and her sweater is still on my needles. Also, I need to get cracking on my ETSY inventory. I have been fighting this incredible exhaustion for about a month now. It is getting to the point where I go to bed at 8:30, sleep until 5:30 am and I am still tired. I think a visit to the doc is in order as soon as testing is over. I feel like I am in a fog most of the time. I have starting taking vitamin d.. which I am very deficient in, as is my ENTIRE family, so maybe that will help. But, I do think I need to be looked at by a professional too!

Well, Mr. Pitty Pat and I are going to take a little ride in the car. Word on the street is that Bruster's has Blueberry Cobbler ice cream today. Actually, did you know you can sign up for a text message alert when Bruster's has your favorite ice cream? Yes you can!!! And y'all know I am all about the blueberries. YUMMY!!!!!!!

:) JKP

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