Monday, May 10, 2010

There Are Times in Life When I Wish I Had a Bigger Squirt Bottle....

Hey Y'all!

Well, it is the eve of state testing here at Barks, Howls and Growls alot. I am pretty ok, but just in case I will be taking a Benadryl later on tonight so I can sleep! Last night the PASS (our state test) nightmares began. Yes, waking up in a cold sweat, I think not. I had a dream where I was in the middle of the test and I realized that I hadn't taken any of my teaching stuff off of the walls. Pure panic folks! The scary part was that it was so REAL. Ugh.

Anyhoo, I am also taking a Benadryl tonight because my horrible allergies/allergic thing has struck again. Y'all may remember that in January I started to break out in hives. All.Of.The.Time. That has since gotten a little better, but I have had to make some major changes in the way I do things. I have had to switch to a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner (Pureology rocks!), I can only use Aveeno or Purity (by Philosophy) to bathe with and I have to avoid anything with the color red. No eating, drinking or even looking at the color red. I am not sure what is going on with me, but I know red dye makes it worse. Making these changes has helped alot, but the hives are the pits. I also switched all of my cleaning supplies so that won't trigger anything. Dr. Bronner's pure castille soaps are the bomb to clean with and they smell good too! I have also had to switch my makeup, which was hard too. I have always been a die hard Philosophy girl, but recently I was breaking out from that too. I am now using Pur Minerals and I am happy to report that I am doing very well with that and it looks pretty too!

My mom officially moved to Beaufort last week, and where she was going to rent promptly fell through. So Miss Zoe is staying with us longer than expected. Which means that I have had to break out the ol' squirt bottle again. Last summer when Pitty Pat was in Puppy Kindergarten, my trainer told me to use a squirt bottle to curb any "unwanted" behavior. Last summer Pitty Pat kept wanting to pick up earthworms off of the sidewalk and eat them, and the squirt bottle method worked like a charm to cure him. So, when he is being hateful to Miss Zoe or acting silly these days, the squirt bottle has made an appearance. However, some days, it is just not big enough!

Well, let me run. Dancing With the Stars is on... and I have some knitting to do!!!!
:) JKP

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