Sunday, June 5, 2011

Recent Reads From the Beach Chair

Hey Y'all!

Well, my last day with kiddies was Friday! I have one more day of work tomorrow, and then I am a FREE woman! This past weekend we celebrated the retirement of my principal. It is very bittersweet, because he is one of the best that I have ever worked for. But, I keep telling myself that change is good! Here's a pic from the event! This is me with my girls from work!

Also, I have been reading A LOT! I spent some time on the beach today just to finish a book. But, it turned out to be quite the adventure and not a lot of reading was done! Believe it or not, the water had to be evacuated due to some rather large SHARKS! After seeing those fins, I knew there was no way my toes were even going to see the water! So, I left about 1:30. Our shark sighting even made the evening news!

Since I blogged last I have read two great books. One book I started and I didn't know if I could make it through due to the topic. But, I kept reading and the story actually turned into a little mystery with some action adventure thrown in! Save Me by Lisa Scottoline is a nail bitter. It starts off with an explosion in an elementary school cafeteria. Immediately a Mom is thrown into a moral choice of saving other children or her own child. I almost didn't make it through this part, but I promise keep reading! It is a good book, but as someone who works with children everyday, that part was hard to read! But, it is a good book! And, none of the main characters dies. Sorry if I just ruined it for you, but I kind of need to know those things up front! So check this out at your local library!

The other book that I have really enjoyed is part of Jennifer Chiaverini's Elm Creek Quilters series,  Cross Country Quilters. You can read these books in order, or not. I started this one because I read a review about it and thought I would enjoy reading it since I am crafty! This book is great. It also made the long dormant cross stitch bug come awake in me again! I have already pulled some DMC thread, Aida cloth and a pattern for a project this week! Wow. This blog may turn into JustJulia knits and cooks, and cross stitches! Anyhoo, this book centers around four women who meet at a week long quilting retreat and how they face obstacles in their lives. This is a great beach read! I have already checked out several more Elm Creek Quilt books from my local library!

I have also been baking, and I will have a recipe up for y'all tomorrow! This is a quick desert that is a nice ending to a great dinner! Let me run... lightening and thunder are right out side my window!

:) JKP

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