Tuesday, June 28, 2011

This Makes My Heart VERY Happy!

Hey Y'all!

Well, Pitty Pat and I took an impromptu road trip on Friday and we just got back! That's the beauty of summer. We can decide at 9 a.m. on a Friday to take off and GO! While on our little adventure, we came across one of my very favorite things in the WORLD. The kind of goody that would make me spill state secrets. If I knew any. Ahem.

Dear readers, let me introduce you to the magical world of Tunnock's Tea Cakes. We all know that I should have been born in England. And these little beauties come from Scotland. So it is all UK related! I discovered these life changing tea cakes about 3 Christmases ago at World Market. I happened to be in there on the day of New Year's Eve. If you are a bargain shopper, you know that World Market marks down all of their international Christmas foods on that day. I bought two boxes of tea cakes thinking they looked yummy. Little did I know they were a life changing experience. And that I would not see or taste the beauties again until THREE long years later, on a hot summer day! Fast forward to this weekend and me wondering aimlessly around the chocolate aisle in World Market in Hilton Head. Imagine my complete giddiness at finding these beauties stocked on the shelf. My mouth began to automatically water. It was pure happiness.

They make these tea cakes in two flavors, milk chocolate and dark chocolate. Milk chocolate is DIVINE.

Each tea cake comes wrapped individually in foil. The outer layer is a creamy chocolate.

You bite in and you taste layers of chocolate, the creamiest marshmallow layer I have ever tasted, and finally a crisp graham cookie. Don't be fooled. These are not like the Mallomars we have here in the states. These, are so much better!

One bite is just not enough! 

I hope that you can taste these one day!

Anyhoo, I just thought I would profess my love for these tea cakes today. I am heading out to catch a matinee of Mr. Popper's Penguins with some of my students from this past year! I read the book to them in class and promised them that we could go see it together. I have heard it is really funny and I just love Jim Carey! 

Tootles and stay cool!
:) JKP

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