Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Just Stewing.......

Hey Y'all,

Well, if you have been reading the ol' Twitter feed on the left side of the screen, you know that once again, in less than a month and a half.. my debit card number has been stolen again. This time the damage was about $2,000. Talk about making your heart stop. I tried to make a purchase at Costco for a measly $10 yesterday and my card was declined. I rushed home and logged on to my bank account. I literally watched as money was stolen from my account. Luckily, Wells Fargo stopped the massacre. It did wipe out my account, but they reassure me that all of my money will be returned by Monday. So. YUCK.

On a lighter note, this is what is going on at my house today!

As you can see... a pumpkin hat is in progress and I have all of the holiday knitting magazines! There are several C-U-T-E patterns that I can't wait to knit up. Also, notice the cute Mickey Mouse magnet in the middle? My sweet friend Dana went to Disney World over the weekend and brought me back a sursie! This is a magnet for my fridge with common cooking measurements and their equivalents! YAY for sursies! Especially cooking ones!

Tomorrow is field day at school for grades K-2. This has been such a stressful week... my car had to be serviced, we had PTA last night and then the whole debit card debacle... AGAIN... I am looking forward to a fun day with my kids. This coming Monday is a holiday for the students, so I have scheduled some conferences to get that ball rolling. Hopefully by this time next week all of my conferences will be done, or at least almost there. I am more than ready for things to calm down a bit.

Luckily before this latest theft I did a bunch of cooking so the freezer is stocked and I have several great recipes to share. But y'all, I am exhausted from the past few days. Forgive me, but I will post them tomorrow. I am in need of a hot bath, jammies and a cup of hot tea.

Later gators!
:) JKP

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