Saturday, May 25, 2013


Hey Y’all!

Sorry for not updating more this week, but I have been in a battle with my insurance company, which led to some health issues, so now I am just bouncing back!

As many of y’all know, I have had Crohn’s Disease for over 20 years now. There are lots of not so fun things that go with that, but one of the worst things for me is that I have Crohn’s in my esophagus. Which leads to horrible acid reflux, which over the years has turned into GERD. If I do not take Nexium daily, I will ulcerate all the way down my esophagus and this is quite painful and I can not eat. Now this month has been a wee bit of a struggle for me. Because of me not feeling so hot for most of this year, I have had to hire someone to do my yard. I have several medical bills that I am trying to pay off. To top that off, my house loan was sold and my payment went up without notice. Bank of America notified me that my loan was being sold, just not about the $80 that my house payment was going up! Normally, I can budget for these things, but without notice it is hard. So. I may have been a few days late getting my Nexium filled. Some months are like that. You do what you have to do! So, on Sunday I used my Walgreens app to refill my Nexium. Which is when the insanity began.

I have been on Nexium daily and sometimes twice daily for 15 years. It works for me. Occasionally, my insurance company will give me a hard time about it. But this week, they refused the refill. And that left me with $229 to pay for a medication that I desperately needed. And. I did not have the $229. So on Monday I called Walgreens to see what the issue was and what I could do to hurry things along. At this point, my reflux was pretty bad and I could not lay down to sleep. They suggested that I call the insurance company. So I did. I had to get a form to fax to my doctor so that I could get the medication. Easy enough. I did that and faxed the form to my primary care physician. Long story short, it took until WEDNESDAY, daily phone calls from me and a very IRATE phone call from my doc to get this taken care of. By Wednesday it was really too late. My ulcers were back and I was throwing up acid. Fun times. I picked up my medicine on Wednesday and it has been a slow road back. The Nexium has finally started to kick in today and I am able to eat. I did some research and found out that Apple Cider Vinegar works wonders for reflux. So I have been putting two teaspoons in a glass of water three times a day. That has helped the most. I am hoping by tomorrow I will be back to normal. Because LAWD, this has been a long week. And. I haven’t felt well at all! Today I got a letter from my insurance company telling me that I would not have to worry about refills on my Nexium until 2039. WORD. I love my primary care physician!!!

I haven’t felt well enough to craft a lot, but since we have a three day weekend, and today was really too cool to go to the beach, I did get some crafting in! I am still working on my crochet skills. Take a peek at my first crochet flower!

my first flower

I decided to make two more to top a hat I am working on for one of Mom’s coworkers.

hat w crochet flower

I also worked on a hat and bootie set for another one of Mom’s coworkers. I knit both of these.

hat and bootay set

Then today I played around with crocheting a bootie. I found a video on You Tube and just went from there.

crochet Bootay

I like crochet because I am able to make embellishments quickly. Things like flowers are so fast with crochet!

Not to be left out of all of the fun… Pitty Pat decided that 6:45 was an appropriate wake up call this morning. I just went with it. I mean, how can you deny this face?

Early Morning Wake up call

Y’all have a good night! We are off for a walk!



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