Saturday, May 11, 2013

Taking a Breath....

Hey Y'all!

Well. This past week kinda has been a doozy. Since we lost Aunt Alice last Sunday, this week has been non stop. I had PTA Tuesday night where our second graders performed and then on Wednesday we had Aunt Alice's funeral. Since then, I have kinda been hanging on by my toenails. Trying to balance the change in our family while the real world keeps on going. I think I just needed a few days to decompress and just cope. Our family has been changed forever and it is kind of scary and very unsettling. These past few days I haven't even kept up with my FMS Photo a Day for May.. I plan on catching up tomorrow. I just needed a few days to reboot I guess. Today I spent a few hours on the beach reading a book and it helped a lot. Tonight I finally cleaned my house after a few weeks of heavy neglect. So slowly, but surely I am getting back into the swing of things. Also, when you add the mix of the prednisone that I am on and then the not sleeping that goes with it, that explains a lot too. I just felt that I needed a few days of quiet.

I hope everyone out there is doing ok too!
:) JKP

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