Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Happy, Happy May Y’all!


Hey Y’all!

It is May 1st, and I couldn’t be happier. I am 25 days away from summer vacation and I can’t stand it. Not that I am going to have much of a vacation this year because I am taking 3 graduate classes! But, I am more than ready for a change in pace. Sleeping late. Afternoons on the beach. Visiting friends and quick road trips. Oh yes. I AM READY!

This past Monday I had to travel to Charleston to check in with my GI Doc. He decided it was best if I did a round of the Evil Prednisone and one other medicine I do not like. Today was day one of the Evil Prednisone round. I have about 30 or so more days to go. I know in the long run it will help me tremendously and I will feel much better this summer. But one of the evil things that Prednisone does to me it make me literally ache from head to toe. Every joint, muscle and bone just hurts. It hurts to walk and move. The worst part is my back. It actually takes my breath away at times. Also, I can’t sleep when I am on a steroid, so I am not looking forward to that either. But, I keep telling myself it will be worth it when I am feeling like my old self this summer!

While I was in Charleston on Monday, I had to snap some pics with Instagram. Oh how I love Instagram! I am pittypat269 if you want to follow me. Really the only thing I post is pictures of Pitty Pat, my knitting and the occasion sky pic. I really love it!

Here’s a pic of the Ravenel Bridge from the Mount Pleasant side. Pretty clouds!


I also quickly finished up knitting a hat yesterday. Mom has a few people she works with who are expecting babies soon. So I whipped up this cute stripey “paper bag” hat for her.

pink purple bag hat

stripey hat

ALSO…. to go along with my love of taking pictures lately, I am participating in the Photo A Day May 2013! Here’s the list for each day….


I want to do a separate post for each, so I will be back in a few with today’s picture… I BOUGHT THIS! Hee, hee! I think this is going to be fun! And, I figure this will help the Prednisone doldrums!

Anyhoo… Happy May Y’all!



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