Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Very Bad, Horrible, Terrible, AWFUL Stomach Bug


Hey Y’all!

Sorry to be MIA for awhile! Last weekend Mom came by for a quick visit Saturday afternoon and night. All day Saturday I didn’t feel like myself and I was incredibly tired. More tired than usual. For real. At dinner Saturday night I didn’t feel like eating. And we were at The Dead Dog Saloon. One of my favorite places to dine! Sunday morning Mom left and I ran to the grocery store. Where the very bad, horrible, terrible, AWFUL stomach bug hit me. I made it home and laid on my bathroom floor for HOURS. For FOUR days I felt like I was undergoing the universe’s joke of the master cleanse. I have lost SEVEN pounds. Oh yes. I am feeling much better today, but my appetite still hasn’t returned. Not that I want to eat anything after what I have been through! I hope that no one gets this virus. It is not nice!

My house, of course, is in shambles due to me being so sick. I have a few errands to run this morning and then I have to get my house straight. I have so much laundry to do that I don’t even know where to start! I am just happy that I finally got to enjoy my beloved morning cup of coffee this morning!

Pitty Pat resorted to just laying on me to make me feel better. He is very happy that I am better! For his dedication to not leaving my side, we are going on a walk on the beach this afternoon. We only have a few days left where I can take him in the afternoons. On May 1st, dogs are no longer allowed on the beach between the hours of 10 and 5. And, maybe, just maybe we will stop for ice cream. I still don’t know about that one!

Y’all have a great Saturday!



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