Sunday, April 14, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up and a Movie Review!

Hey Y’all!
Well, as I am typing this post I am literally about to fall asleep. Somehow yesterday, the spirit moved me and for FOUR hours I cleaned out my closet. I moved my winter clothes upstairs and my summer/spring clothes downstairs. I took FOUR bags to Goodwill yesterday. I am so happy that project is done! Since my tummy is giving me a fit right now and it is somewhat bloated, I have had to look for my “looser” fitting clothes. Thank goodness I still keep that wardrobe. This summer is going to be me wearing lots of dresses and skirts. Nothing tight on my tummy!
As  a reward for working hard yesterday, I went to see the movie “42” today based on Jackie Robinson. Let me tell you, I LOVE baseball movies, and this one did not disappoint. All of the actors were outstanding. The story of Jackie Robinson is very moving and also very thought provoking. I thoroughly enjoyed it and suggest you go and see it too!
When I returned from the movies this afternoon, I had two more tasks on this weekend’s “To Do List.” I made a stop at the grocery store on the way home and picked up a pot roast to put in the crockpot for dinner. Then. I had to tackle my yard. This was one thing that had to be taken care of this weekend. It took me a few hours, but my yard has been tamed. Pitty Pat can now roam the weed free backyard. For some reason this year, I have some weeds with thorns that are growing IN THE MIDDLE of my backyard. I had to take those out after I got scratched several times. Bless poor Pitty Pat if he came in contact with those. They are calling for thunderstorms and rain tonight and tomorrow so the yard had top priority.
Well. I am headed to bed. I hurt all over. When I have a Crohn’s flare.. my joints, especially my hips, really hurt. The thing is, I just have to keep going! If I don’t get things done, then they don’t get done! And, like the yard, that is not an option!
I am going to leave y’all with this cute picture of Pitty Pat… I think he is having deep doggie thoughts….
pittypat thinking
Night y’all! Tootles!

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