Sunday, April 7, 2013

43 More!

Hey Y’all!

Tonight marks the end of Spring Break. I was sad about it for a few minutes, until I realized that we only have 43 more days of school left. That is a very do-able number. So, as of right now, I am ready to knock those days out of the park and dive into SUMMER! Besides, unlike our spring break, the weather is getting ready to warm up . And. That means weekend beach visits. Oh yes. 43 is do-able.

I am not sure how the furry baby is going to handle us getting back onto our schedule tomorrow. I have been with him almost 24/7. He has had 4 walks a day. And. We have really enjoyed our afternoon naps. Here’s a shot from today’s nap! Pitty Pat is a blanket hog!

 sunday nap

Yesterday, I started working on and finished the cutest baby hat. I call it Buzzy due to the flowers and the bees. I think it is one of my favorite hats that I have ever done. I bought the pattern off of Etsy.

buzzy in works

buzzy hat

I made a stop at the Dollar Tree this week to pick up some poopy bags for Pitty Pat. I found those great clips in the first picture holding my patterns together. I also found some other great knitting tools. I plan to post about those tomorrow!

I haven’t posted a lot about my trip to Charleston on Thursday. It was such a rainy and nasty day that I was very glad to get home. The doc made me have more bloodwork (which I did on Friday) and I have to have a Cat Scan of my belly done on Wednesday. He thinks I am having a Crohn’s flare and just wants to make sure I don’t have a blockage or other issue. So, I had to put in for a sub on Wednesday. I have to drink some really yucky stuff and then they take pictures of my belly as it goes through. The last time I had this done it took 4 hours. So. You better believe I am going to have a good book. I don’t take my knitting with me. I having this done in the hospital and it is so germy. I could never take my knitting there!

Well, let me log off. I have to resume “school time” bed time tonight. That is going to be so hard, I have been staying up until midnight and then sleeping until 8:30. 43 more days people. 43 more days!


Smile JKP

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