Monday, April 8, 2013

Dollar Tree Spree

Hey Y’all!

Well, today was our first day back after spring break. It was a pretty good day and overall we are getting back into the swing of things. Pitty Pat was not happy that I left for work today, but I think he enjoyed having “his” house back for the time being!

Last week I had to make a stop at my local Dollar Tree. I love the Dollar Tree because it has so much stuff! That I NEED! :) I really only stopped in there to buy doggie poopy bags. They were out.. so here’s a tip.. buy the pink scented diaper disposal bags instead! There are 75 in a box. Now they are pink, but they are also scented which makes up for the pink! They fit perfectly in your pocket and they are not as bulky as a plastic garbage bag.

While I was in the Dollar Tree I also picked up some great knitting tools! You can never have enough post it notes, especially when you use them to mark your place in a pattern. I found some cute floral ones that found their way into my basket! I also go through stitch markers by the dozen since so many of my projects are in the round these days. I found some very springy colored elastic bands that work perfectly as stitch makers. 500 for a buck. Yes please! Lastly, I picked up these fabulous multipurpose clips! I am knitting several hats and cowls right now and keeping track of the patterns can be a pain. I slide each pattern into a clear plastic sleeve. Then I attach all of my current patterns in work in a binder ring. I have found that these big clips mark what pattern I am on and they also keep the patterns from spilling open while I am working. Bonus! They come in cute colors too!

knitting tools
                                                  Never underestimate your Dollar Tree!

Tonight as Pitty Pat and I were walking out the door for a walk, I looked up in the sky. I saw this brilliant cross  right in front of my house. I ran back into the house so I could grab a quick picture. What do you see?


Well, I am tired after today. I am off to take a bath and get in the bed. I hope y’all have a great day tomorrow!
Smile JKP

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