Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I Have Discovered a New Guilty Pleasure...

Hey Y'all!!

Sorry it has been a week since my last post, but October is just an insane month for teachers. We have these personalized learning plans that we have to do for each student and we only have a short amount of time to get them done. Luckily they are computerized, but it does take A LOT of time to work on them. We have conferences coming up Oct. 21-23, so I have tried to be all organized and get mine done early. Well, then add in all the papers I have to grade, the notes home, the lessons to plan, and not to mention a field trip coming up... and I have had alot on my plate. Once October calms down, things seem to get back to normal!

I am feeling better, but I still have my cough. So I am still going to bed early, because I am just exhausted after a day at school. Zorro has a cough too, and the vet put him on an antibiotic for a sinus infection. He seems to be acting a little better, but like me, is still coughing. We are such a pair! I cough, he coughs. He coughs, I cough. My soul mate.

I was such a bad girl last night, I didn't even watch the debate. I got into my jammies and got all comfy in bed and I just couldn't watch. I think I am over-saturated with the state of America right now. So I flipped through the channels to find some brain numbing TV. Well folks, I have found a new guilty pleasure! I do like reality TV, but most of the time I get really bored with the shows. So I stop watching. Well let me tell you, I tuned in to The Real Housewives of Atlanta last night on Bravo and it was like a train wreck. I couldn't stop watching! I am so fascinated by people who have all of this money, but don't do any good with it. Last night a woman on the show wrote a $68,000 CHECK for a brand new Cadillac Escalade. Y'all. And with gas prices the way they are! Do you know how much money that is? I don't make that in a year. And I tutor after school and do technology training on the side! I am sure that it is nice to be able to walk off the car lot with a brand new car... but all I can hear is Dave Ramsey yelling... YOU'RE AN IDIOT!!
I think even if I had money, I could never spend that on a car. The same with clothes. I love me some cute clothes, but I want a sale price or a bargain. I am not cheap, I am just careful with my money. These days you have to be. The other women on this show just amaze me. There are at least two who work, but the rest really just, don't do alot of anything except focus on themselves. I am telling you, this show is a guilty pleasure. But I'm not sure if having lots of money and living like they do can make you happy. At the end of the day, at least I can say I have touched the life of a child and maybe, just maybe taught them something. All of the money in the world can't replace that. Although, it would be really nice to have their budget. I wouldn't have to worry about how I was going to buy Christmas presents for my students!

Last, but not least, I can't leave this post without commenting on the state of affairs in this country. I know a lot of folks are scared. I am one of them, but I am trying not to buy into this hysteria. I watch Dave every night on the Fox News Business channel and take his advice to heart. I have made major changes in how I am living. If you notice, my Netflix sidebar is gone. I have cancelled my subscription. I am having a yard sale next weekend. I am even fixing up my spare room so I can get a roomate. I've turned one of my digital boxes back into the cable company. (I didn't loose my mind, I still have my DVR!) But, these are uncertain times and I am trying to prepare and not waste extra cash. I figure the best way I can help this country is to get myself out of debt. So I have stopped watching CNN and the nightly news. I am grateful for everything that I have. I am grateful for my job. I am trying to focus on the positives and keep my head up. Times are going to get tough, but if you are prepared and doing everything you can, then you will be alright. I think that tough times are a good thing for our country. We have forgotten what we are all about. Maybe this will make folks closer to their families and not stuck on autopilot. Maybe folks will actually begin to live again, and not be zombies just buying stuff.

Anyway, those are just my thoughts.

Nighty, night!
:) JKP

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