Sunday, October 19, 2008

Tales of the Girl Who Tried to Electrocute Herself....

Hey Y'all...

Well, um, by that title I guess you can use your inferencing skills and deduct that the whole sparks shooting, electrical shock thing in my classroom on Wednesday.. was well, totally my fault. And according to all sources, I should not be here right now folks. I am one lucky chica.

The electrician for the school district came out and looked everything over and surmised this scenario. Apparently, my projector cord was not plugged in all the way into my laptop cart. I was teaching a lesson on my laptop and my right arm with the bracelet somehow got to close to the plug. The medallion on my bracelet slipped in between the cart and the plug and made a connection. Sparks flew, fuses got blown, there was a shock and then smoke. The electrician did not understand how I was not hurt and/or killed. Yup. I tried to electrocute myself and I didn't even know it. Needless to say, it freaked out my principal and I am now a "technology don't." People have been walking up to me in the hallway and have been amazed. This is my year for being a freak, I think. First the Sweet's Syndrome, and now this. My only hope is that this electrical shock I sustained has done something magical to my brainwaves and chakra's and I am on the mend. So far, all I have been is a little scrambled. But, I guess that is what happens when you almost electrocute yourself in front of 19 8 and 9 year olds!

So in honor of me still being here and being thankful and all that (I actually went to church today. Stop the gasps.) I decided to post a list that I worked on during my writing retreat last weekend. This list is in random order, so don't think just because something is #25 there is meaning to it. This is just random stuff.
50 Things Julia Loves
  1. Zorro (um, of course, #1!)
  2. My Family
  3. Cheesecake ice cream w/ blueberries
  4. Popcorn (can't eat it right now, still LOVE it!)
  5. Painted toenails
  6. Zoe (again, this is in NO order!)
  7. Walking on the beach
  8. A good book
  9. Flip flops
  10. Writing
  11. A good cup of coffee
  12. Rainy days
  13. An email from a faraway friend
  14. Blogging :)
  15. A card in the mailbox
  16. Funny jokes
  17. Sweet Tea
  18. Chick Fil A
  19. Summer time
  20. Halloween
  21. A clean house (which I so don't have right now!)
  22. Eating dinner out
  23. Knitting
  24. Finding clothes that fit (umm.. I'm 4'11 people!)
  25. People who have nice manners
  26. Taking Zorro for a walk and watching him smell the flowers... So Cute!
  27. Southern fried anything
  28. Spaghetti
  29. Libraries
  30. Little kids
  31. My writer's notebook
  32. A new journal
  33. Bookstores with comfy chairs
  34. Cute bookmarks
  35. Hand written thank you notes
  36. A great writing pen
  37. Technology
  38. Surprise parties
  39. Candlelight
  40. Sunsets
  41. Bubble Baths
  42. Trees in the Fall
  43. Digital cameras
  44. Children's books
  45. Sunflowers
  46. Getting flowers
  47. Chocolate cake with a big glass of cold milk
  48. Dogs
  49. Fluffy down pillows
  50. Wrapped presents

So those are the "top" 50 things I love...... I thought I should celebrate that! I'm off to put on my jammies and to get ready for Army Wives... only 2 shows left! I don't know what I'm going to do when it goes off.....Hmm... suspiciously Army Wives didn't make the list!

:) JKP

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