Thursday, October 9, 2008

Weekend Full of Writing

Hi Y'all!

Well, I am really looking forward to this weekend. The writing class that I took this summer through the Coastal Area Writing Project is hosting a weekend retreat at the Cypress Inn in Conway for us to get together and flex our writing muscles. We meet tomorrow at 5 and the retreat lasts until 5 on Saturday. I am so excited about this! I have missed my writing buddies and the encouragement I got from my group. I am looking forward to seeing my buddies again and getting the writing bug/juices going again. My bag is packed with my Writer's Notebook, watercolors and pastels. I can't wait to see what fun we get in to!

Zorro is spending the weekend with his granny. Zoe is staying with us tonight, and then Mom is taking both of them back with her tomorrow. Zorro is feeling a lot better, he is chasing Zoe around the house. That's how I know!

Check back on Sunday to see if I have any new writing posted!
:) JKP

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