Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Happy Hump Day!

I thought this was the cutest picture of Zorro. He has literally thrown himself over the pillow. Notice, the remote to the TV is not far behind!! Heee! He has also absconded with the fleece blanket from my bed. That boy is resourceful! 

Sorry I have been AWOL from the blog, but I have been really sick with an upper respiratory infection. I stayed in all weekend, except to go to my class on Saturday. I slept all day Sunday and somehow made it through school Monday, Tuesday and today. I am feeling a little better, but my voice is still coming and going. Now, all of the other third grade teachers have the crud! My coughing fits have finally stopped as long as I use an inhaler. I didn't think y'all would want to read a blog post on the merits of mucus. 

Things at school have been really yucky this week and if you count what is going on with the economy right now, I think most folks are pretty nervous. I think the overall feeling in the nation is one of panic. Which, with an election around the corner, we don't need. 

Well, I am off to take it easy and do some reading... Happy October! 
:) JKP 

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