Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Hey Y'all,

I just discovered that I can blog from school! For some reason I thought blogger was blocked, but it's not, and I really need to update!

I had a very scary situation this morning! One of my outlets blew in my classroom! Plugged into this outlet is my laptop cart. I plug in m projector and laptop into the back of this cart. The back of the cart with plugs faces me! Well, the plug blew, the spark traveled through my cart and shot out with the left over plugs on the back! The spark was so powerful that it melted my metal bracelet. I am fine, just really shaken up. We had lots of smoke and the kids were scared, but we are OK. I am really sad about my bracelet. It is my favorite piece of jewelry. It was silver with a medallion hanging from it with my initials. The medallion is completely burnt to a crisp. However, I think it saved my life because it took the spark and it didn't catch my clothes on fire.

So, no more technology for me today. However, I am going to buy a lotto ticket after school! I've got the power today!!!

I'll post more about my writing retreat later. I need to go have a sweet tea!
:) JKP

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