Friday, September 26, 2008

The Little Throat Tickle That Could....

Hey Y'all,

Well remember my little throat tickle? Well, it has turned into an upper respiratory infection, which has landed me with a day home from school! I went to the doc on Wednesday, who promptly gave me a Z-Pack and told me, by the way that I had an ear infection too! She tried to get me to take Thursday and Friday off... but substitute teachers are scarce these days... so I made it through yesterday and took today off. I went to bed early last night with Zorro and Zoe and this morning I am feeling a tad better. My voice still comes and goes, but my nasty cough and coughing fits are under control. So I am looking forward to a day of sleep and TV.

Tomorrow I have a class! My writing class from this summer is meeting at Coastal from 9-1 tomorrow. We are meeting to discuss our big presentations that we have coming up in November. I am looking forward to seeing and chatting with everyone!

Alrighty, I am going back to the sofa now!!
:) JKP

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