Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Hannah Aftermath.....And Knitting Too!

Hey Y 'all...

Well, we survived Tropical Storm Hannah with minimal damage.

Our only wind damage was one of my ferns. It was knocked over by the 30 something mile an hour winds. We did have lots of rain and at one point the road in front of my house resembled a lake, but all in all, we were fine. We didn't even loose power. Our lights flickered twice and that was it. I went to bed about 2 a.m. (thanks, prednisone) just as Hannah was coming ashore in North Myrtle. I didn't hear a thing, and Zorro didn't either. If we have to have storms, those are the kind to have. I am really worried about the folks in Cuba, the Keys and the Gulf right now, IKE looks like a monster storm!

With all of that time on my hands Friday and Saturday, I embarked on a new knitting project. I have about 5 friends who are all preggers right now and are due within months of each other. I have been scouring Ravelry for cute baby patterns and I came across several. I casted on for this garter stitch baby kimono (a pattern by Bernat) Friday afternoon. Thanks to the prednisone, I've had to put it down for a while, my joints are hurting. (One of my weird side effects.)

Here is one front and a half of a front of the kimono. I am using Baby Bernat Jacquards in Spearmint Candy for this project. The yarn does this cool striping effect. It really makes you look fancier than you are! This is just garter stitch and simple decreases and a little shaping. I love the pink and green combination, it looks darling!

This is what it looks like partially put together. When I finish the front, I have the back and arms to knit. All in all, this is an easy knit. There has been a House marathon on USA this weekend, so I've been watching and knitting! I've decided I need to do more of this to get me through my prednisone doldrums. Oh, how I hate thee! But, oh how much better I feel!

On another note, Zorro wants you to know he has everything under control, including all of the blankets in the house. The medicine, which shall not be named, is giving me terrible hot flashes. So Zorro has taken this opportunity to steal every blanket in the house to stay warm while I have the air really going. Bless his heart!

Alrighty, I am off to finish watching House.... and Army Wives is new tonight! Yippee!

:) JKP

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