Sunday, September 14, 2008

I Think Something "Boney" Is Going On Around Here....

Hey Y'all,
This is what was waiting for me when I arrived home from school on Thursday.

Do you think Zorro is stockpiling for something? Who knows! Zorro gets a chewy bone about every other day. Sometimes he hides them and I roll over them while I am sleeping. Sometimes, he leaves one on my pillow for me. Last week, I was in the back yard and found a hiding place where he has been stashing these when I am not at home! The other night, he ran into my bedroom and then ran out with a bone. Then I come home and find this.

Zorro has been a very busy boy! He has also been a little under the weather. Zorro has allergies and has been having a hard time since the begining of August. Recently, he started not eating his food, which is very unusual, and it signals that something is not right with his food. I did some quick internet research and discovered that the company that made his food, has been having TONS of complaints and Consumer Reports wrote an article on them. This really upset me and explained why Zorro has been so sick! I was feeding Zorro a brand that had a very good reputation, but suddenly and recently, they have sold to MARS, Inc. and the ingredeints they have been using in their food is just not accpetable. Zorro is such a smart boy, he knew this! So on Friday, I went and visited Coastline Pet Supply. The owner was wonderful and very informed about "healthy" dog food. I learned so much and now Zorro is on a new food... Ealge Pack's Holistic Select Senior. We even switched Zoe and both seem much happier and they have tons more engery. Zorro is still wheezing a little, but he has more pep in his step. So folks, don't be afraid... make sure you know what your babies are eating! AND DON'T FEED YOUR PETS ANYTHING MADE BY NUTRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zorro says, "No more Nutro, But I'll have another chewy bone please!"

I actually took the day off of school tomorrow. I have to drive to Charelston for 2 Dr's appointments. One of my appt's is for the sore on my leg that is no more! My leg is all better except for the skin peeling where the sore was. So I hope this is the end of it! I am still on the evil prednisone, but I have tapered down to 40mgs. I am still having mega hot flashes and not sleeping... but at least I am weaning myself off! I also forgot about the horrible shakes I get when I come off of the steroids. I can't knit today because my hands are shaking. I did finish reading a couple of good books though. I am also about to put a movie in.... Fool's Gold.
Well, the little man wants a walk... that's a good sign! I'll write more after the Dr's tomorrow!
:) JKP

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