Monday, September 1, 2008

We're Off to See the Wizard.....

Hey Y'all,

I hope that y 'all enjoyed your Labor Day today! Zorro and I have been taking it easy all weekend. The thing (as I have termed it!) keeps getting larger and more painful on my leg, so I have spent the weekend taking it easy. I take my pain meds at night, mainly to get some sleep! The pain meds do help with the swelling of my leg, foot and calf. Tomorrow I have an appointment in Charleston for the doc to take a look and see if we can finally get a diagnosis. I am a little worried that it keeps getting LARGER, but oh well. It has definitely grown an inch since the surgeon did the biopsy last week. Good Times! Today I went to Target to pick up some bones for Zoe and Zorro and I ran into several teacher friends. Instead of looking at me and saying hi, they looked at my leg first! Yesterday I went to Walgreen's and instead of greeting me, my pharmacist said "Oh, can I see your leg?" So, I am still a medical mystery.

Zorro and I are off to watch Nim's Island and to monitor Hurricane Hannah on The Weather Channel!
I'll post when I have a diagnosis!

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